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TN - 1039 Dream Report Stopped Working or is Inconsistent

After routine software and/or hardware updates Dream Reports is no longer displaying report data or is inconsistent.

*  Routine update can cause Dream Report configuration to reset back to is default configuration.


Ø  Change the default settings by opening your runtime settings and set the Start Mode to “Run as Service” instead of “Run as Application”.


Ø  Try running your report


*  After correcting this configuration your Dream Report functionality should return to normal.

Understanding the difference between “Run as Service” and “Run as Application”

*     Run as Service: The RTM will be set to start automatically as a Windows service (appears as RTM Reporting System Runtime Manager in Windows Services). Then the runtime control service will write itself into Windows startup and will be launched on a PC start.


*     Run as Application:  The Dream Report RTM will run as an application when the user logs in to Windows. This is the default. Then the runtime control service will be launched on a user Windows login.

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