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TN OI-109 Converting SLC 505 Inputs and Outputs


This article from InSource shows how to convert SLC 505 input and output addressing when upgrading from RSLINX to the Wonderware OI Server for ABCIP.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  7/10/2020
  • Applies to:  OI Server for ABCIP v7.0 and higher


The address syntax for inputs and outputs (I: and O:) changes when upgrading the IO Server from RSLINX to ABCIP.  You may review the help file from the Wonderware OI Server for ABCIP.


The following example provides some clarification using RSLinx.  Right click on one of the SLC 505 devices from RSWho to select Data Monitor.


You will be presented with a list of different File types.  The first two (O0 and I1) are the ones to be concerned with here.


Next, clicking on the O0 from the Data Table Monitor above opens the Data File.


The first word in the table is O:4.0 and the second word is 0:5.0.  These will convert to O:0 and O:1 respectively.  The following is a table showing the old RSLinx address and the new ABCIP address for each tag. 


The following is the data table for inputs.  These convert in the same manner.  


Each word in the data table is numbered sequentially starting with zero for the ABCIP driver.  These will convert to I:O, I:1, and so on. 

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