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TN OI-107 Upgrading SIDIRECT from DA to OI Server



This article from InSource shows how to upgrade a configuration file built for the Wonderware DA Server to be used with the OI Server for SIDIRECT.  Reference the software documentation for details on the communication driver installation.  This tech note describes the changes required for the configuration file only.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  11/11/2019
  • Applies to:  OI Server for SIDirect v5.0 and higher


The configuration file for SIDIRECT has changed slightly with the latest generation OI Server.  Instructions are provided below to modify the dassidirect.aacfg configuration file.  The configuration file for the DA Server is found in the following folder:


Open the XML format configuration file in Notepad.  The following is an example configuration with a single PLC.


The hightlighted text "S7Cp" text above needs to be updated with the word "Legacy".


The default OI Server configuration for SIDIRECT is shown above.  It provides the options of Legacy or Symbolic under the PORT.  Either Legacy using address based or Symbolic using tag based references may be used.  The required option needs to be specified in the configuration file. 

The following configuration file is corrected for the SIDIRECT OI Server.


In this example the tags are the Legacy address based references.  Replace each reference to "S7Cp" with the word "Legacy" for configuration files with more than one PLC.  A find and replace may be used to assist with the changes.  The configuration file is located in the following folder.

C:\ProgramData\Wonderware\OI-Server\$Operations Integration Supervisory Servers$\OI.SIDIR\OI.SIDIR