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TN OI-102 How to Migrate the Configuration File for the New OI Servers to Another Machine


How to migrate the Configuration File for the new OI Servers to another machine


This Tech Note walks you through how to move the Configuration File for the new OI Server to another machine. In this example, we are using the WEBSVC OI Server.

  • Author: Alex Davenport
  • Published: 03/20/2018
  • Applies to: OI Servers


1 On the current machine browse to the directory C:\Program Data\Wonderware\OI-Server\$Operations Supervisory Servers$\<OI Server>\<OI Server>


2 Copy the WEBSVC.AAcfg to the machine you are migrating to and rename the original file to something like below.


3 Open the SMC and start your OI Server and you will then see the new configuration file.