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TN DAS178 Syntax for OPC Communication with OI Servers


This article from InSource shows how to configure the syntax for Wonderware OI Server OPC communication from non-Wonderware clients.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  4/16/2020
  • Applies to:  OI Core v6.0 and higher


The OI Servers support OPC and SuiteLink communication with clients.  SuiteLink is the typical protocol to use with Wonderware clients.  Third party clients may use OPC for communication, if they do not support Suitelink.  The example below shows the syntax required for the MBTCP driver.

Below is a typical Modbus TCP configuration.  DAS is the name of the port in this example.  ET05 is the name of the PLC connection.


ET05 is also the name of the device group. 

Note:  The PLC connection and device group must be the same name.


The third party OPC client below uses an alias list to reference the items in the PLC.


The itemID is preceded by the port name and device group name as shown above.  This is the proper syntax for OPC communication.

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