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TN DAS161 OI-Core G-2.0 does not include the ArchestrA License Manager




This article from InSource is an alert with regards the release of the OI-Core 2.0 and the use of the ArchestrA.LIC.   

  • Author:Glenn Yancey
  • Published: 04/07/2017
  • Applies to: OI-Core 2.0 and higher


The following information is an excerpt from Wonderware Tech Alert 260.   Keep in mind that the Schneider License Manager at the time of the release of this Tech Note is not meant to be used just yet.  When people are installing the OI-Core 2.0, it prompts them to install the *Schneider License Manager and Server as well as install a license in the form of an XML file.  This is not necessary to use at this time.  However, we will need to download the original ArchestrA License Manager utility to take advantage of the ArchestrA.LIC that is required to enabled the OI-Server (either the OI Server Standard or Professional).   Please see details below on how to download the ArchestrA License Manager.   From that point onward, you can use your ArchestrA.LIC file to install. 

*What Wonderware refers to as the "Schneider License Server" has nothing to do with the "ArchestrA License Server" that is used for enabling clients to use the Historian Client or the Wonderware Information Server. 

Wonderware Tech Alert 260: Operations Integration Core (OI-Core) G-2.0 (v5.0) Installation Does Not Include or Removes ArchestrA License Manager


OI Core G-2.0 (v5.0) does not install ArchestrA License Manager or can remove ArchestrA License Manager during an upgrade installation if Operations Integration Servers are the only Wonderware products installed on a system.


ArchestrA License Manager is not distributed with the OI Core G-2.0 (v5.0) installation files. Therefore, there is no way to properly install an ArchestrA.lic license for the OI Server (use of ArchestrA.lic license for OI Servers is still supported at this time). If a license was already installed, it still works, but there is no way to administer that license.


ArchestrA License Manager (aaLicView.exe) is not available, or longer available, on the computer.


Install ArchestrA License Manager from the CD that contains your license, or download the ArchestrA License Manager (aaLicView.exe) and copy it to the affected system. The program can be run to administer license files as needed.