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TN DAS151 How to create an ArchestrA object from within the Wonderware Gateway OI Server



This article from InSource walks through using the Gateway OI Server to connect to an Application Server object.

  • Author: Joseph Hefner
  • Published: 12/6/2016
  • Applies to: Wonderware Gateway OI Server 1.0 or later



Step 1)  Right click on the Configuration and choose "Add ArchestrA Connection":



Step 2) Enter the credentials that will be used to connect to the Galaxy:



Step 3)  Rename the object by Right clicking on it and choosing "Rename".  

In this scenario I renamed it to "ArchestrA".



Step 4) Right click on the ArchestrA Object and choose "Add ArchestrAGroup Connection":


Step 5)  Right Click on the new ArchetrA group and choose "Rename":

In this scenario I renamed the group to "Objects"




The Device Group Name will be the topic when making a connection to the Gateway OI Server.



Step 6)  Right Click on the Gateway OI Server and choose "Activate Server":


Step 7) Test the connection by trying to read an object from the galaxy through the Gateway OI Server.  

In the example below, I used Wonderware Client to test the connection:


First Create the connection:



Next, Enter the Gateway connection settings. The Topic must match the Device Group name from Step 5.


Finally, enter the object name you wish to read and click the "AdviseEx" button:

If the object is read correctly you should see a quality value of 0x00c0 as below: