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TN DAS149 How to address DASMBCTP messages getting revoked due to message timeouts.




This article from InSource discusses communications getting revoked on the Wonderware DASMBTCP DA Server.

  • Author: Joseph Hefner
  • Published: 10/24/2016
  • Applies to: DASMBTCP 2.0 or later.


When this problem occurs you will see messages similar to the one below:



This is often caused by having the maximum outstanding message value to high.  To resolve this you can simply decrease this number to one as below:


Scenario 1)  Modbus Bridge is in use:

If you are using a Modbus Bridge, this setting is at the bridge level.  Change this value to a 1 and then deactivate and re-activate the DASMBTCP.




Scenario 2)  No Modbus bridge is in use:

If no bridge is in use this setting change should be made at the Modbus object level as below.  Again , this value should be set to 1 and them deactivate and re-activate the DASMBTCP.