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TN DAS144 Setting Up an InTouch Access Name for Kepware TopServer and KepServerEX



This article from InSource shows how to setup an InTouch access name for Kepware TopServer and KepServerEX

  • Author: Daniel London
  • Published: 09/09/2016
  • Applies to: InTouch, TopServer, KepServerEX


Before configuring the access name for InTouch, Kepware software has some requirements in order for it to function correctly:

  • Suitelink/DDE add-on must be installed for the software to be able to communicate with InTouch.
  • Aliases/topics must be set up in TopServer or KepServerEX in order for you to be able to define the access name.


Please see the image below for steps on how to configure the access name. This guide takes into account that you know how to create an access name in InTouch and bind it to I/O tags.