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TN DA124 Connecting to an Intouch application from FSGateway

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This article walks through the process for creating an FSGateway connection to an InTouch application. This will allow you to make Intouch tag data available to external OPC software or devices. This tech note is built on the presumption that FSGateway has already been installed on the machine where the InTouch application resides.


  • Author: Joseph Hefner
  • Published: 08/20/2015
  • Applies to: FSGateway 1.5 and above





Step 1

The first step is to right click on Configuration as below and choose the option for "Add Intouch Object":



Step 2

Once the object has been created and named, you will notice the following:


Device Group Name :   This will be the topic FSGateway uses to select this object

InTouch Runtime Node:  This is the name of the computer Intouch Window Viewer will run on.

Item Browse Path:  The folder where the application resides

Communication Protocol:  Suitelink is the preferred Communication Protocol




Step 3

Click the "Tag Browser" button



Step 4

Choose all of the tags that you wish to expose through FSGateway and select the "Ok" button



Step 5

Click the "Device Items" tab and confirm that all of the selected tags are present:





Step 5

Click the save button in the upper right hand corner and then Activate FSGateway: