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TN DA120 How to use the Wonderware Simulator DAServer

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This article from InSource shows how to use the Wonderware Simulator DAServer.


  • Author: Mike Viteri
  • Published: 6/30/2015
  • Applies to: DAServers


How and When to Use this Guide

When you want to test your Wonderware Software with Updating values but don't have a PLC.


Install the Wondeware Simulator DAServer. This install is like any other DAServer Install.

A License is NOT required.


1. Right click on the DASSim configuration to create a "Port Test". Once the "Port Test" is created right click on it and create a "PLC Test". You should set the same setup as below.




2.  When you click on "PLC Test" You will have to option to change some of the parameters of the PLC Simulation. For this tech note the algorithm is set to "random". 




3. Next you will have to setup your Topic name. The topic name used here is "PLCSIM".




4.  Right click on your DASSIM and click activate.. You will now use a tool to test the communication. This can be Intouch or Application Server. For this test wwclient will be used.

Once you open up the wwclient click connections on the file menu and select create.

 You will need to specify three pieces of information. 


  • Nodename - PC name where server is running
  • Application - DAServer Name
  • Topic - Name under Device Groups tab


Once these are entered select the IOT(suitelink) bubble. Then click create.

This should return a value like 0x0x1d26fe8 which is in the screenshot. 






5. Once connected to the DASSIM you will now test for values. Any tagname can be used for testing. The only return is depending on the datatype you want to return each tag has to be prefixed with:







If you click item in the wwclient file menu it will open the item box. In the example below I have itest. This means i want an integer value since is prefixed with an I. Then click "AdviseEX" it will then populate the value on the wwclient screen. In the example below I advised the item for all the other data types.






Confirmation of Success

You can see data updating with your client tool.