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TN DA100 Data Acess Server running in Demo mode

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After a few hours the DA Servers stop responding, and in the SMC the icon for the DAServer shows a red triangle. DAServer_DemoExpired.jpg


  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 10/7/2014
  • Applies to: Wonderware Data Access Servers



Wonderware DA Servers, just like all Wonderware software, require a license to be installed.  If a license is not installed, the DAServer will still run, but will default to running as a demo.  Demo mode typically lasts for a few hours, after which time the DAServer will stop responding until the DAServer is restarted, or the computer is rebooted.


The icon on the DAServer can be used to determine the license status:

DAServer_WithLicense.jpg Icon indicates that a license is correctly installed, and the DA Server is running normally.

Icon indicates that a license is not found, and the DAServer is currently running in demo mode.

DAServer_DemoExpired.jpg Icon indicates that the license is not found, and the demo mode has expired.

To fix this, a valid Wonderware license must be installed.

For DAServers released before 2012, this will typically be licensed through a wwsuite.lic file.

For DAServers released after 2012, this will typically be licensed through an archestra.lic file.

Note also that DAServer licensing may be bundled with other software components such as InTouch Runtime "With IO" licenses, Development Licenses, Historian Server licenses, System Platform bundles etc. 


Confirmation of Success

See ICONS above after installing the proper license file and restarting the DAServer in the SMC.

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