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TN - 1331 Configuring an Omron Ethernet PLC as a Bridge to Connect to PLCs via Control Link


This article from InSource shows how to configure the Aveva OmronFins driver to use an Omron ethernet PLC as a bridge to connect to PLCs via Control Link.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  3/3/2023
  • Applies to:  Aveva OmronFins OI Server


An Omron ethernet PLC (CS1 device) may be used as a bridge to older non-ethernet Omron PLCs (CV devices). Start by installing the Aveva OmronFins OI Server.  Keep the default settings for the Global Parameters.


The CS1 device is configured from the ChannelSelector.  Select to highlight and right-click Configuration to select Add ChannelSelector Connection. 

Select UDP as the Connection type and CS1 as the Mode.  Change the default for Ignore Non Fatal PLC Error to Yes if any of the devices have fatal errors.  Otherwise, they will not communicate with a fatal error.


Next, click on the advanced button. 

Enter the Station for the CS1 PLC.  The syntax for the station is X:YYY.  X is the ethernet network ID.  YYY is the last octet of the IP address.  In the example below, 2 is the ethernet network ID and 26 is the last octet of the IP address of the CS1 PLC.


Each of the CV devices is added separately.  Select to highlight and then right-click on OMRON to choose Add DeviceSelector Connection.  Name the device.  Enter the Station for the first CV PLC.  The syntax for the station is <IP of the routing PLC>:9600:<Network ID#>:<Remote PLC Node #>:0:CV.


Lastly, add one or more device groups from the second tab.  This consist of a topic name and a poll rate or update interval.


Continue adding DeviceSelectors for each of the PLCs.  Save the configuration and activate the driver when complete.