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How to force a Tag database update via wwClient on a DASABCIP DI Object

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This Tech Note walks you through a workaround to an issue where you add a tag into the PLC and the DASABCIP DI Object doesn't see this and starts giving error warnings in the SMC. We can force an update to the DI Object tag database.




  • Author: Alex Davenport
  • Published: 11/25/2015
  • Applies to: DASABCIP 5.0 DI Object




1 In your IDE you should see a similar structure for the DASABCIP DI seen below which should be deployed.




2 Open the SMC and you will see the deployed DASABCIP DI Object in a similar structure as seen below.





3 Start the wwClient utility.




4 Click on the Connection menu then Create Connection. The following menu should appear. Enter the correct details making sure the Node has the correct IP address where the DI Object is residing. Click the Create and then Done buttons. 





5 You should see a connection appear and then click on the Item Menu as seen below.





6 The below menu appears and in the Item type the $Sys$Updatetaginfo tag and select Discrete. Click on the AdviseEX button and you should get a 0x00c0 showing a good connection to the tag.





7 Enter the Value 1 and then click Poke. This should update your tag database and the error messages will disappear.



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