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Configuring the BACnet/IP BACLITE OI Server


This article from InSource shows how to configure the BACnet/IP BACLITE OI Server.  The AVEVA BACLITE driver is used with devices that support the BACnet/IP protocol.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  10/2/2020
  • Applies to:  BACnet/IP BACLITE Server (G-1 Series) v3.7 and higher


Start by opening the System Management Console (SMC).  This tech note assumes that the OI Server Core and BACLITE driver are already installed.

Expand out the Operations Integration Server Manager on the left pane.  Drill down to the BACnet/IP - BACLITE | OI.BACLITE.1 | Configuration level.  Right-click on Configuration to select Add ChannelSelector Connection from the dialog.


The default port number is typically used.


Right-click on the New_ChannelSelector_000 in the left pane below to select Add DeviceSelector Connection from the dialog.


The device selector syntax help information is a little misleading.  First try entering the IP ADDRESS ONLY for the Station.


BACnet/IP network information may be obtained from the equipment supplier.  The following is a screen capture from Johnson Controls Metasys software.  Reference the JCI IP Address on the Network tab under LAN.


Next back in the SMC, select the Device Groups tab.  Right-click to add one or more device group names.  The name needs to match what is setup in InTouch, Application Server, or the Historian.  Each name is tied to an update interval for the associated tags.


Save the changes to the configuration by click on the Yes button.


Lastly, right-click on the BACLITE server to select Activate (Auto start after reboot) from the dialog.


It is recommended to test each tag using the WWClient tool.  One bad quality tag will cause all tags to go bad for a device group.

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