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TN Citect020 How to create an Equipment Hierarchy in Citect SCADA 2016


How to create an Equipment Hierarchy in Citect SCADA 2016



This Tech Note walks you through how to create an equipment hierarchy for a Mixer in Citect SCADA 2016

  • Author: Alex Davenport
  • Published: 05/30/2018
  • Applies to: Citect SCADA 2016


1 Click on the System Model in Citect Builder then click on the Equipment Editor.



2 When the Equipment Editor appears Right Click and select New Equipment 



3 Enter the name of your piece of equipment which in this case is a Mixer. 



4 A form will appear and enter the information as needed. Below is an example of some basic information. Please refer to the Citect Help Files if you require further assistance.


5 Click on File then Save.


6 Add further pieces of equipment to build your equipment hierarchy representing your facility


7 Once finished an example is shown below breaking out the Mixer and also showing a Heat Exchanger.



8 Click on File then Update Equipment.