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TN Citect002 How to complete a Citect SCADA 2015 Standard Installation


This Tech Note will walk you through the standard Installation of CitectSCADA 2015


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  • Author: Alex Davenport
  • Published: 02/14/2017
  • Applies to: CitectSCADA 2015


1 Open the Installation Folder and double click the Launch Icon as seen below.


2 The CitectSCADA Setup Wizard will appear and with the below option highlighted click the Next button.


3 If not already installed it will prompt you to install the correct version of .NET so click the Install button if needed.


4 The Installer will go through the Installation process as seen below.


5 Once .NET is installed then click the Next button.


6 You have the option to get further information about the product but if this is not needed then click the Next button.


7 Click on the Accept Terms radio button then click the Next button.


8 Choose the All Core Components radio button then click the Next button.


9 Keep the options at the default and then Click the Next button.


10 Leave the Default option selected and click the Next button.


11 You can select the following depending on your needs then click the Next button.

Project DBF Add-in for Excel - You will need Microsoft Excel 2007 or above nstalled and this will give you the ability to browse, open edit and save CITECTSCADA .dbf files in the correct format

CitectSCADA 2015 Web Server for IIS - This will require the correct configuration off IIS beforehand and allows a Web Front End of your HMI. Please refer to the Installation Guide for further information.


12 If you have your Firewall enabled you will see the below left message and then make the appropriate choice. If not it will give you Destination Folder options which you should keep to the default. Click the Next button.


13 Click the Next button unless you have an alternative location you wish to choose.


14 The Setup Wizard will now give you a summary of what software components you wish to install then click the Install button.


15 The installation will install any prerequisites that are needed to complete the installation by clicking the Install button.


16 It will now give you the option to select which communication drivers you wish to install. Once completed click the Next button.


17 The selected drivers will now install and once finished click the Next button.


18 Once the installation has completed a Summary page will appear then click the Finish button.


19 Make sure the Exit Installer Radio button selected then click Next. This completes the Installation and your software is ready to use.