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TN Appsvr881 Configuring an Application Server Primary and Backup (Redundant) License Servers




This article from InSource shows how to configure an Application Server Primary and Backup (Redundant) License Servers.   This process is a step-by-step sequence on how to set up the License Manager to employ redundant License Manager capability, activate all relevant licenses on a single platform, and make accessible by all required servers/software within the Wonderware operating environment.

  • Author: Frank Ross
  • Published: 03/29/2019
  • Applies to: Wonderware Application Server 2017 U1


This article assumes the technologist has obtained the required XML license files, and has placed them into a folder location which is available to the primary license server manager.   

Step 1:  Launch the Schneider Electric License Manager.    Windows Button --> Schneider Electric --> Schneider Electric License Manager....

The form (see Figure 1) shows the server name where the License Manager is being launched from.  In this screen print, there are NO activated licenses.  The redundant (backup) license manager must be configured before activating any licenses.   Otherwise, the technician will have to release licenses, configure the redundancy, then re-activate the licenses.  

Step 2:  Double-click on the grey box (see Figure 1) to begin the process of creating the redundant license server.  

Figure 1



Step 3:  Click on the Manage Button (see Figure 2).

Figure 2



Step 4:  Enable the Backup by checking on the checkbox, and then select the Backup License Manager Server via the Drop-Down box.  Select the appropriate server and click on the Apply Button.   See Figure 3.

Figure 3


Figure 4

If you successfully paired the license servers, your License Manager Form will show the primary and backup server names, and show the status as Paired and Available.  See Figure 4. 



Step 5:  Click on the Arrow Left (see Figure 5) to return back to the Main License Manager Form.   

Figure 5



When the licenses have been successfully paired with the primary & backup License Managers, it will indicate as such on the License Manager Main Form.

Figure 6   


Step 6:  At this time, you can now proceed with activating all required licenses within the primary License Server Manager.    It is assumed that the reader is familiar with this step in the process.   


Step 7:  Once the licenses have been successfully activated, it is now time to run the Configurator to set the primary and backup License Servers.   The configurator needs set on every server requireing the ability to obtain/use the licenses.   See Figure 7.


Figure 7