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TN Appsvr225 Galaxy Communication Across Domains




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  • Author: Ernest Lee
  • Published: 2/16/2017
  • Applies to: Application Server 3.1 and Higher


When you have a Galaxy Repository on one domain and a node on another there are some configuration changes you must make with Active Directory and the Wonderware Change Network Account Utility before you can connect to the Galaxy.

If you are communicating across Galaxies and when attempting to connect you may see the error below.


First, check Active Directory and make sure there is a 2-way trust established between the 2 domains. You need to do this on BOTH domain controllers.


1. Make sure the direction of the trust is Two-way.

2. Authentication should be set to Domain-wide authentication.

3. Next, click Validate to validate the trust.

Next user the Change Network Account utility to set matching values for the Username, Password and Domain fields. Both machines must have matching values.


Once this is done you will be able to connect to the Galaxy located on the other domain.