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TN Appsvr141 Advanced Object Viewer Diagnostics

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This article from InSource covers some advanced diagnostic features of Object Viewer. This article will cover viewer object information, enable diagnostics, and dumping current an objects current runtime setting to the SMC Logviewer. This can be helpful when troubleshooting application errors and warnings related to an objects runtime execution and performance. 


  • Author: Michael Walker
  • Published: 06/25/2015
  • Applies to: Wonderware Application Server 3.1 and later




In object viewer select and object and "left - double click" the object.  It will display a dialog menu to enable and view diagnostic information on the object. The below figure displays this menu.


Choose the properties option to view basic information on the object, as seen in the figure below. 

Object Info.PNG

Choose the Enable Diagnostics menu to display a menu that allows the capability to turn on and off certain log traces. The figure below shows this dialog menu. 

Enable Diagnostics.PNG

When checked, the diagnostic information is sent to the logger. Note, to turn these traces off, simply open the Enable Object Diagnostics menu again, uncheck all options and click OK.  The figure below displays an example of the SMC Logviewer with these diagnostics enabled. 


Diagnostic Logviewer.PNG


The dump option will send object configurtion informaiton, such as current Attribute values and configuration to the SMC Logviewer. The figure below displays some typical logs from an object dump. 

Dump Log.PNG