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TN Appsvr139 Adding the Workflow Client Controls for use in Archestra Graphics

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This note from InSource shows How to add the Workflow Client controls into Galaxy for use within an Archestra Graphic. 


  • Author: Michael Walker
  • Published: 05/26/2015
  • Applies to: Archestra Workflow (any version)




  • In the Arcehestra IDE, click Galaxy, click Import, and then click Client Control.  The Import Client Control(s) dialog appears
  • Go to the following path and import Arcehstra.InTouch.SkeltaControls.dll:
    • C:\Program Files\ArchestrA\Workflow\InTouch\ArchestrA.InTouch.SkeltaControls.dl
  • The imported graphic object(s) appear in the Graphic Toolbox in the IDE as seen in the figure below:

Added Client Controls.PNG

  • To use these controls, open the WorkflowGateway object and navigate to the Graphics tab. For each desired control create a local graphic, similar to the figure below:

Workflow Gateway Object.PNG

  • For each graphic created, open and embed the associated workflow client control. Once each graphic is created they can be used in InTouch or other Archestra Graphics.  Note that each control has its own necessary configuration to function properly.