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TN Appsvr125 Importing the Base Template Library Into Application Server

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  • Author: Daniel London
  • Published: 04/24/2015
  • Applies to: Application Server




This article describes how to install the Base Template Library (BTL) for Application Server (ArchestrA IDE).


The software can be found on Wonderware's website under Product Hub -> Utilities and Script Functions -> Utilities.


Once you download the BTL, follow the instructions below to import it into Application Server.


The BTL can easily be available for use within new or existing galaxies through two simple steps. The steps for accomplishing this are:


First, a custom script function library is needed for the BTL to function properly. This library doesn’t do anything fancy or super-secret. All it does is more quickly iterate through large lists of string values and provide more efficient parsing needed by the BTL for its automatic I/O reference assignments and model building tasks. So the first step is to import this library into your galaxy. This is accomplished by selecting the Galaxy menu from within the IDE and selecting Import Script Function Library. In the list of files types to import, select the "aaSLIB" type/option. Next, navigate to the location where you downloaded the BTL, and select the file: ww.nasc.btl.modeling.aaSLIB.

BTL folder.jpg


Second, you need to decide which ArchestrA Object Package you need to import. The BTL is made available in numerous packages so that you only import the elements you need. The following table identifies the import packages available, and describes their intended use:

Table 1.JPG

Table 2.JPG


Finally, after deciding on the appropriate ArchestrA Object Package, import it into the Galaxy. Your BTL is now ready to use.