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TN Appsvr112 Galaxy Style Library - Configuring Alarm Borders

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System Platform 2014 R2 introduced the ability to set custom element styles within Archestra Symbols. The Galaxy Style Library holds the default configuration for element styles utilizing the Element Style and Alarm Border animations. This article provide an example of configuring the Galaxy Style Library's Alarm Border configuration. 


  • Author: Michael Walker
  • Published: 03/19/2015
  • Applies to: System Platform 2014 R2




Before editing Galaxy Styles, it is important to understand what drives the Alarm Border Element Styles. In the Archestra IDE click on the Galaxy -- Configure -- Alarms and Events Configuration. The Alarms section allows you to configure global settings for Alarm Severity, most importantly is the priority range as Attribute alarm configuration will determine the specific alarms severity. Below is a screenshot of the Alarms and Events Configuration Editor:



To configure Galaxy Element Styles, in the Archestra IDE go to Galaxy -- Configure -- Galaxy Style Library. 


Click on the "Element Styles" tab. Note this list contains all of the default Galaxy Styles that can be modified. 


Scroll to the "AlarmBorder_" section of the Element Style Overrides list (towards the bottom). 


Find the specific AlarmBorder you want to update and use the configuration panel on the right to set the override settings. Valid configuration consists of Text, Fill, Line and Outline.


Below is a screenshot showing the AlarmBorder_High_UNACK's configuration overridden to display a red outline instead of the default yellow outline. 

























Within an attributes alarm configuration, the alarm is set to a priority of "High", remember this is based on the "Alarms and Events Configuration" above. Below displays an Attributes alarm configuration, with a priority of 400, which falls into the High alarm severity range. 




Below show an example of a Graphic Element using the Temperature Attribute above to animate the Alarm Border. 




In runtime, if the Hi Alarm is true, or an High Severity alarm is true within the galaxy, the associated element style of Archestra Graphics will use the Red Outline as defined within the Galaxy Element Styles. An example of this is below.