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TN AppSvr701 Remote Platform Failed to Deploy

While creating a new Platform and removing it from the GR node communication errors caused the platform’s inability to deploy.

  • Ping IP Address

Common Error Messages:

  • Failed to create bootstrap on remote GR
  • ASB-Watch Dog “Establishing connection for node: never”

What is Watch Dog (Knowledge Center 66449)?
“The ArchestrA Watchdog service is a utility to start all the ArchestrA Core Services. The Watchdog
service starts automatically when you start your operating system. The Watchdog service and other ASB
services are tightly coupled with Application Server configuration and run-time operations. The
Watchdog service must be running in order to create service instances and nodes, to deploy, undeploy, or
delete user defined ArchestrA services. “


  • Navigate to Services
  • ArchestrA Bootstrap Service
  • Select restart


  • Right click ArchestrA Watch Dog Service
  • Select restart


Next you will want to make sure the Platform Engine is running
More Information on the Platform Engine:

  • Open Task Manager
  • Navigate to details

The following should display


  • Next you’ll want to check the Registry Editor (Regedit)


Verify the setting are correct. If not, the registry data may have not been cleaned up properly after
moving the platform from the GR to remote(remember to undeploy prior to moving the platform and
redeploy when remote).


This can be corrected by removing the platform in the SMC.

  • Navigate to the Platform Manager
  • Right click select remove local platform


  • Once the platform has been deleted you will want to verify the files in the Bin folder ((C:) ->Program Files(x86) -> ArchestrA -> Framework -> Bin) have been updated as seen in the second image.



  • Navigate to your Platform in the ArchestrA IDE
  • Undeploy the Platform


  • Navigate to the Registry Editor and verify the changes files should be gone.
  • Redeploy the Platform without cascading the changes.

If errors continue check your network connections. If needed make the necessary adjustments.

  • Open Control Panel
  • Network and Internet
  • Network Connections


If the issue persists complete a reverse ping on the GR node to ensure one way communications are not
preventing the Platform from deploying.


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