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TN AppSvr311 Content Type for Symbols and Graphics for InTouch OMI



This article from InSource shows how to define the Content Type inside of an ArchestrA Symbol before using them inside of an InTouch OMI View App.  

  • Author: Glenn Yancey
  • Published: 12/15/2018
  • Applies to: Application Server 2017 and InTouch OMI 2017


Starting with Application Server 2017, it is now required to use the new ContentType property for your ArchestrA Symbols when using them in conjunction with InTouch OMI. 

The ContentType property is a means of determining what type of content can be shown in an Intouch OMI layout pane when in Runtime.  The ContentType must first be set inside of the Graphic Editor in the Runtime Behavior properties in the ArchestrA Symbol.  TN_CNTYP_01.jpg

Note:  The Archestra Symbol MUST be attached to an Object Template or an Object Instance for the association to work between the Object Instance in the InTouch OMI Navigation pane and the ArchestrA Symbol belonging to that instance.  


Inside of the InTouch OMI layout pane, you create an arrangement of window panes that will display symbols based on the ContentType assigned to them for the Object Instance selected in Navigation.  TN_CNTYP_03.jpg

Then in InTouch OMI (runtime), if Pane1 is dedicated to ONLY show Overview graphics, then when an Instance is selected, and graphic of the Overview content type will show in Pane1.  In this example below, the Mixing_1 has been selected.  Pane1 then shows any graphic associated to Mixing_1 of the Overview content type.TN_CNTYP_04.jpg