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TN AppSvr216 New Galaxy Creation: The different Galaxy types




This article from InSource shows what the different options for Galaxy type are when building a new Galaxy in Application Server.

  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 12/26/2016
  • Applies to: Application Server 3.0 and higher


When building a new Galaxy there are 5 default template options shown:


  1. When building a new System Platform or full Application Server Galaxy, this is the template that should be used.  It will include all of the default templates for the System Toolset ($Area, $AppEngine, $WinPlatform, $InTouchViewApp, etc.), the Application Toolset ($UserDefined, $Boolean, etc.), and the Device Integration Toolset ($DDESuitelinkClient, $OPCClient, etc..), as well as the ArchestrA Graphic libraries.
  2. When build a Galaxy that will only be used for InTouch application development, this Galaxy type can be used.  It will include all of the ArchestrA graphic library, along with the InTouchViewApp template object.  Other objects, for example $UserDefined, will not be included.
  3. This is an example Galaxy that has been created by Wonderware for users.  This includes a set of objects to create data values, and an InTouch application to display.
  4. This is an example Galaxy that has been created by Wonderware, similar to the, but this only includes an InTouch application and does not make use of other Application Server templates.
  5. Default Galaxy: This option does not use a prebuilt .cab file template of a galaxy, instead it builds a new blank Galaxy database, and then imports in the base object templates manually.  The final result should look the same as the galaxy.

Note: You may have additional Galaxy Types available if additional template .cab files have been stored in the following folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ArchestrA\Framework\Bin\BackupGalaxies