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TN AppSvr212 Manually Check-In Checked Out Objects



This article from InSource Solutions shows how to manually check-in galaxy objects that are stuck in a checked out state.

  • Author: Daniel London
  • Published: 09/29/2016
  • Applies to: Application Server (ArchestrA IDE)


There are times where galaxy objects get stuck in a checked out state and the normal check-in process does not function properly. There are queries that you can run against the galaxy database in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio that will check the objects back in.

NOTE: It is important that you backup your galaxy prior to attempting this. This method is not officially supported and should be used at your own risk!

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and create a new query. Make sure to select your galaxy database.



  1. After creating a new query type the following into the query menu. This will show you what objects are checked out in the galaxy. It is recommended that you are closed out of ArchestrA IDE while performing these queries. The important column to take note of is the gobject_id value. You will need this to perform the next query.

SELECT * FROM gobject WHERE checked_out_package_id != 0

Click Execute to run the query.



  1. In our example, the gobject_id is 18755. In a new query, enter the text show below. You will substitute XXXX for the gobject_id that we are using (18755).
UPDATE gobject SET checked_out_by_user_guid = NULL, checked_out_package_id= 0
WHERE gobject_id = XXXX
Click Execute to run the query.
  1. If you run the query again that was mentioned in step 2, you will notice that the object no longer displays as being checked out. It has been successfully checked back in with the query.

SELECT * FROM gobject WHERE checked_out_package_id != 0

Click Execute to run the query.