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TN AppSvr161 Unspecified Error 80004005....CreateGalaxy.cpp

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Resolving the following error when creating a Galaxy: "Error  - Unspecified error (80004005) caught at line 856 in CreateGalaxy.cpp".


  • Author: Glenn Yancey   
  • Published: 10/30/2015
  • Applies to: System Platform




Error  - Unspecified error (80004005) caught at line 856 in CreateGalaxy.cpp


When creating a Galaxy, an error occurs that says “Unspecified error (80004005) caught at line 856 in CreateGalaxy.cpp”.



This error specifies that the current aaAdminUser does not have the credentials to create a galaxy. 



To resolve this error, you must run the Change Network Account by going to:

Start->All Programs->Wonderware->Common->Change Network Account


Supply the computer name, a user name, and password.   If a user doesn’t exist on this machine, you will need to create a user.   This will require a reboot.