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TN AppSvr133 Archestra Alarm Client - Changing Default Query at Runtime

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Want to change the Alarm Query of an Archestra Alarm Client control, but unable to do this during configuration.  This document explains how to do it via script.


  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 05/29/2015
  • Applies to: Managed InTouch 2012 R2 and higher




The important field to look at is AlarmClient1.QueryFilters.DefaultFilter.FilterCriteria.  This is a String and can be displayed to the screen.  By default it will hold the string that makes up your default query.  For example "(Provider = 'Galaxy' and Group = 'Area_001')".

You can edit this string programmatically to add in additional conditions, such as:

AlarmClient1.QueryFilters.DefaultFilter.FilterCriteria = "(Provider = 'Galaxy' and Group = 'Area_001' and Priority >='50')";


AlarmClient1.QueryFilters.DefaultFilter.FilterCriteria =  "(Provider = 'Galaxy' and Group = 'Area_001' and Priority >='300' and Priority <='400')";

Once this value is changed, it takes roughly a second before the control will update, but after that point it will use your new query. 

Note: though that this is changing the runtime settings, not the configuration settings.  So if InTouch is restarted, the original default query will go back into effect.

In testing, this can also be used when dynamically building the string using user input.