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TN AppSvr109 Application Server OPC Client Disconnects



This article will help the reader deal with the OPC Client Objects I/O disconnects due to failures and other disruptions.  

1.) The auto reconnect capability is internal to the software and the OPC Client object will try to reconnect automatically based on the configurable RestartMax attribute, there is no reconnect attribute.

2.) The configurable attributes you can see in ObjectViewer and that you should consider changing are:
     a.) RestartMax (Default value is 3 attempts, you may want to change that to -1 which is continuous retry)
     b.) RestartPeriod (Default is 30000 ms or 30 secs, Tech support recommends setting this to something higher like 45 sec or more in order to give the OPC Server time to start or come online correctly in the event of a failure)

     c.) ScanStateCmd (Use this to test re-connectivity and after an OPC Server I/O failure or disruption to help re-establish              communication before having to redeploy an object)

3.) Also, you may want to look at how the system is laid out to see where I/O Server placement, redundancy or Virtual Machine redundancy can give you the most benefit.