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TN AppSvr108 WIN-911 - How to import Archestra System Platform Objects



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This article discusses how to import Wonderware System Platform Object's Alarm configurations into the Win911 Remote Alarming Software.  You must run WIN-911 on a node that has an Archestra Platform deploy on that node. 


  • Author: Ted Fluehr
  • Published: 12/29/2014
  • Applies to: Wonderware System Platform




Open the WIN-911 Configurator and create a new Data Source Definition using the Archestra Direct Connect Data Source Type.





Enter an Access Name of your choice and enter the Archestra User Account credentials.  This is the account that is used communicate to other Galaxy platform nodes.  This account was created when you installed Wondeware System Platform or used the Wonderware Change Network Account Utility.  In this example we are going to also choose Galaxy as our Alarm Source. 




Once we have the Data Source defined we can import the Objects that we want to generate an alarm annunciation. 



The import process needs to link to the Galaxy Database to extract the needed information.  Select "GRAccess Online Import" and enter that node name of the System Platform Galaxy Repository.  Then select the name of the Galaxy you wish to import.  




The system will now show all objects that were imported.  If you only want to import objects that are configured to have alarms you can check the "Show only enabled Alarms" box and press "Refresh" . You can now pick the objects you want to import into WIN-911 by  highlighting the tag and press "Add".




You can verify the object configuration has been imported by selecting Configure\Analog Definitions and/or Digital Definitions







Run WIN-911 Scan & Alarms runtime component to verify that WIN-911 is communicating with the running System Platform application. When a point is in an alarm state it will be displayed in the Alarm Monitor.  Note that WIN-911 must be running a node that has a Platform deployed.   You can now configure the Schedule, Users and Alarm methods as defined in the WIN-911 documentation.