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TN - 1426 Offline Server 2022 License Activation


This article from InSource shows how to activate Microsoft Windows Server 2022 licenses offline.  

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  3/14/2023
  • Applies to:  AVEVA System Platform 2023 and higher


AVEVA System Platform 2023 is often installed on servers that are air-gapped.  Security policies prohibit access to the internet from the process network.  The AVEVA and operating system (OS) licenses need to be activated offline.  This tech note details how to activate the OS license.

The first step is to open a command prompt as administrator.  Type 'slui 4' and then hit the enter key.


This will start the activation process.  Begin by selecting the country or region from the drop down list.


Next, call the number listed below.  The installation ID for the server is broken into nine groups of seven numbers.  The phone system will prompt you to have an app sent to your phone.  The app allows you to type the installation ID numbers into the phone rather using your voice which is problematic.


  Type the installation ID numbers into the phone app.  Click on the Enter confirmation ID button when complete.


Next, enter the confirmation ID from the phone app on the server in boxes labeled A through H.  Click on the Activate Windows when complete.


The system will confirm the activation if there are no typos in the ID's.


The Windows license is activated.  Repeat the steps for additional servers.