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TN - 1406 Error upon creating a Galaxy "Unexpected failure (8000ffff) raised at line...."



This article from InSource shows one possible solution when getting the error upon creating a Galaxy "Unexpected failure (8000ffff) raised at line....".

  • Author:  Glenn Yancey
  • Published:  12/8/2023
  • Applies to:  System Platform 2020 and above


When creating a Galaxy, it is very possible that one could immediately see an error within seconds after selecting to Create a Galaxy.  In many cases this issue is resolved by making sure that your aaAdminUser (Change Network Account) needing to be reset, but it is also possible that it could be related to SQL Server and its protocol being encrypted.  

In Today's time, setting up encryption is one method that many are doing to safeguard their networks for any external intrusions.    SQL Server does offer encryption as a layer on its protocol.    

The main reason why a connection between SQL Server instance and any client application should be encrypted is authorized communication between them. This security layer can prevent unwanted sensitive data leak, or exclude the possibility for any SQL injection attack, e.g.

This is usually a setting that is manually turned ON, so in this scenario, it was turned on the base image being used to create their VM images with SQL.   Having this set to on can immediately cause the IDE to fail immediately upon Galaxy Creation.   


To Verify if this is the issue.

  1. Open up the SQL Server Configuration Manager (NOT THE SQL SERVER MANAGEMENT STUDIO).
  2. Expand SQL Server Network Configuration.
    1. Right Click on Protocol for MSSQLSERVER
  3. If Set to Yes, THEN Set Force Encryption to NO.
  4. Reboot and Test.



After turning off, you should be able to create a galaxy.   

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