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TN - 1399 Deactivating Checked Out Licenses


This article from InSource shows how to deactivate checked out licenses from the Aveva Enterprise License Manager.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  10/24/2023
  • Applies to:  Application Server 2023 P03 and higher


The License Manager does not allow deactivation for licenses that are checked out.  It requires the licenses to be checked back in first.  The following error message is found in the Log Viewer when trying to deactivate a checked out license.


Start by checking the License Manager for checked out licenses from the Device Reservation tab.  The licenses may be unchecked to check them back in.  In this case, none of the licenses are checked out from License Manager.


Next, review the status from the Checkout Utility.  Run the following from a command prompt.  

AELicCheckout.exe CheckedOutList

In this case, none of the licenses are checked out from the Checkout Utility.


A last resort is to drop the device from the License Manager.  Click on the Manager button from the top of the License Manager. Select to highlight the Device(s) that has/have the license checked out.  Click on the Drop Device button.


You should now be able to deactivate the license.