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TN - 1330 XPS Documents not Displaying Properly in Windows 11


This article from InSource shows a workaround for XPS Documents that do not display properly in Windows 11 during the install of AVEVA Application Server.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  2/21/2023
  • Applies to:  Application Server 2020R2 SP1 and higher

The installation of AVEVA System Platform stops on the End-User License Agreement (EULA) acceptance prompt.BlankXPSDocument.JPG 

You are unable to accept and agree to advance to the next step of the installation.  This is the result of applying various Microsoft Updates.  Microsoft has provided KB5022083 as a workaround to this issue.  A PowerShell script needs to be run to apply the fix but may be blocked.  The following steps describe running the PowerShell script from Windows 11.

Start by downloading KB5022083 from the following link:  PowerShell script

Next, run Windows PowerShell ISE as an administrator.  Run the script using the following command:  .\kb5022083-compat.ps1 -install


You will likely see an error stating scripts are disabled on the system.  The Execution Policies are blocking the script.

Type in the following command to see the current Execution Policies:  Get-ExecutionPolicy -list


Temporarily modify the policy by running the follow command:  Set-Execution Policy Unrestricted


Viewing the Execution Policy list again shows the Local Machine is set to Unrestricted.

You may now run the PowerShell script with no error.


Be sure to run the following command to set the Excecution Policy back to Undefined using the following command:  Set-ExecutionPolicy Undefined

You may now resume the installation for AVEVA System Platform.  The EULA document will be displayed as expected.