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TN - 1199 General Deployment Failure with Keberos Enabled


This article from InSource shows to resolve a general deployment failure for AVEVA Application Server when Kerberos authentication is enabled. 

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  12/1/2021
  • Applies to:  AVEVA Application Server 2020 R2 SP1


The galaxy repository node deploys successfully.  All other platforms fail to deploy with a "General Deployment Failure".  The following error messages are found in the Log Viewer as a result of the failed deployment.


These error messages indicate there is a problem in copying the files required for deployment from the IDE.  The registry edits do complete successfully during deployment to the remote nodes.  A Wireshark trace on the network traffic identifies a Keberos authentication problem.


Kerberos Authentication was found to be enabled in the Local Security Policy Security Options.  It was set as a default domain policy GPO.


The network service account used for deployment was not set up to support Kerberos.  It is critical that the following two check boxes are checked to allow the user to authenticate with the remote nodes.


Allowing the network account to support Kerberos resolved the deployment issue.