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TN - 1164 Resolving Unable To Create Galaxy with Process Hangs at 70 percent



This article from InSource shows how to resolve unable to create a galaxy with the process hanging at 70%.

  • Author: Peter Farrell
  • Published: 06/23/2021
  • Applies to: Application Server All Versions


Unable to create Galaxy. Process hangs at 70% and logger reports permission denied warnings pointing to view server state.

The ArchestrA network account may be missing the "View Server State" privilege on SQLServer instance.

Open SQL Server Management Studio and navigate to Security> Logins. Locate the ArchestrA user account in use. Right click the ArchestrA user account and select Properties.


From within the "Select a page" pane, click on Securables.
In the lower pane "Permissions for [server name]" check the "Grant" box for "View Server State."


Click OK and reboot.

It is also possible that a Galaxy may fail to create for other reasons such as a lack of drive space. However, if the process hangs at 70% and points to Global Data, the solution presented here is the most likely to resolve the failure to create Galaxy.