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TN1286 - Rebuilding Historian Index


Aveva System Platform 2023 includes a new feature to re-index the links which reference the data within the History Blocks.  Prior to this release, the process to re-index was a series of manual steps.    There are several reasons why the index may require it to be rebuilt.    This process simplifies the re-indexing process.     Note:   this information can also be found in the Historian Administration Guide (2023 release) on pages 172-173.   


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  • Author: Frank Ross
  • Published: 09/21/2022
  • Applies to: Aveva Historian 2023


Step 1:  Launch the Operations Management Console (formerly known as the Systems Management Console). 

Step 2:  Expand the Historian Group tree until you locate the Storage Partitions folder (located directly under the Storage folder)



Step 3:  Right-click on the Main Object and select Properties



Step 4:  Click on the "Rebuild Index" button to initiate the process of re-indexing the links to the data blocks.  



Note:  After you click on the "Rebuild Index" button, the window disappears and the process does NOT provide any completion information.   The re-indexing is now completed. 

Verify the process was successful by viewing the data in any of the client products (Query, Trend, Insight, etc...).   

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