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TN - 1287 Platform X Exceed maximum heartbeats


The Aveva (Wonderware) System Platform (App Server) environment is sustaining periodic lockups or freezes.  The result of which is potentially the HMIs are not responsive and data is not historizing.    Additional analysis into the Systems Management Console (SMC) shows repeated warnings of "Platform x exceed maximum heartbeats timeout". 

The communication error message Platform X exceed maximum heartbeats timeout of Y ms occurs when the response time between platforms is greater than the Message Exchange time set in the IDE's Platform configuration.  

  • Author: Frank Ross
  • Published: 09/21/2022
  • Applies to: Wonderware (Aveva) Application Server (all versions)


This issue is occurring most likely to a disruption in the network external to the System Platform environment. The recommendation is to have the customer’s network and IT support team identify the device(s) that is causing the issue. A log of each event should be documented which tracks the date, time, and duration of outage. Windows logs should also be captured as additional supporting evidence. Capturing this log information hopefully will help trace the root cause of the offending network appliance(s).

The other potential reason which could cause this issue is with the configuration of the platform heartbeat period frequency and consecutive missed heartbeats.  Details on how to reconfigure the heartbeat period and missed heartbeats can be found in Aveva article:



Note:  If the "Platform x exceed maximum heartbeats timeout" only occurs sporadically, and does not appear to be causing any service disruptions, take no action to remediate.     It is when when the SMC is repeating this warning log continuously over short periods (measured in minutes), that remediation action should be taken.  


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