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TN - 1360 Extracting Application Server version from CAB File



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  • Author: Frank Ross
  • Published: 04/07/2023
  • Applies to: Application Server All Versions


This procedure provides an accurate method to determine the version number of the Aveva (Wonderware) Application Server (AppServer).   A CAB file, created from backing up the Galaxy Repository, is needed for this method.    Also required is 7-Zip software.   This software is the only software which can properly extract the contents of the CAB file, thus exposing the _GalaxyInfo.txt file. 



1. Obtain the CAB file and the 7-Zip software. 
2. Extract the CAB file using the 7-Zip software. 
3. Within the extract file contents, look for the file named "_GalaxyInfo.txt".
4. Open the _GalaxyInfo.txt using Notepad or some other software which can read .txt type files. 
5. The contents of the _GalaxyInfo.txt will display the following information: 

<ROOT><GalaxyInfo GalaxyNodeName="GALAXYNODE" GalaxyName="GALAXYNAME" CdiVersion="3735.0233.0399.0061"/></ROOT>

6. With the CDI Version information, match the number against the table below.    This will provide the exact version of the Application Server. 


Application Server Version by CDI number (Table of Versions)




Additional Information: 

What is a CAB file?

A cabinet (CAB) file is a single file, usually with a . cab extension, that contains several compressed files as a file library. CAB files are used to organize the installation files that will be copied to the user's system. A compressed file can be spread over several CAB files.

Obtaining the latest version of 7-zip from this site: