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TN ALM102 Configuring a new System for analysis in Alarm Adviser

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Alarm Adviser will need to be configured or linked to the SCADA system Collector which was previously installed and configured using the Wonderware Configurator/Wonderware Collector option. 


  • Author: Michael Dudley
  • Published: 12/18/2015
  • Applies to: Alarm Adviser 2014 R2




To configure:

  1. Login to the Alarm Adviser as an Administrator
  2. Go to the Systems Menu option


  1. Select Add System in the upper right hand corner

  1. Enter Name 

**This Name field must match the System Name which was defined in the Wonderware Collector**

  1.  Enter Poll Rate, Load Poll Rate and Request Size as required.

  1. Review and Test newly added System

Wonderware Collector in Configurator:

Alarm Advisor System entry: