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TN IT255 Open a traditional InTouch Window from a Button in an ArchestrA Graphic




This article from InSource shows how you can use ArchestrA graphic scripting to display a traditional InTouch Window on the screen.  This can be useful for building Navigation.

  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 02/09/2017
  • Applies to: InTouch 2014R2


When using ArchestrA graphics you are given animation links to Show or Hide Symbols, but not to Show or Hide Windows.  The ability to open a traditional InTouch window from an ArchestrA graphic makes it easier for users to bridge the gap between old and new development.

In the example presented, I have two Windows:

- MyTankDisplay - This is a basic InTouch window, utilizing Symbol Factory graphics, to display the fill level on a tank.

- MyA2Navigation - This will start as a blank window, intended to be used for navigation.  I will walk through creating a new ArchestrA graphic, adding a button to it, and placing a script on the button to open the MyTankDisplay window. 




  1. From the Graphic Toolbox I'll create a new symbol called OpenTankDisplay.
  2. Open the new graphic for editing.
  3. Add a button to the graphic, and set the label to "Show Tank Display".
  4. Double Click on the Show Tank Display button you just created to display the Animation Links.
  5. From the + symbol, select Action Scripts.
  6. Enter the following script:
    Dim myGraphicInfo as aaGraphic.GraphicInfo;
    myGraphicInfo.Identity = "InTouch:MyTankDisplay";
    ShowGraphic (myGraphicInfo);

  7. Save your graphic.
  8. Add the OpenTankDisplay graphic to the MyA2Navigation window.
  9. Switch to Runtime, and click the Show Tank Display button to open the MyTankDisplay window.


To Hide a window, repeat the process but use the following script: