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TN IT157 Tag Count: Finding the number of tags in an InTouch application

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Have an InTouch application and would like to find how many tags are used in that application.


  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 09/09/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch HMI 10.0 and higher




Open the application in WindowMaker.  Go to the Special

  1. Open the application in WindowMaker.
  2. ​​Close any windows that are open within the application, and close WindowViewer if it is running.
  3. Go to the Special Menu and select Update Use Counts.  This will go through all your Windows/Scripts/etc. and find all of your tags.  A window similar to the following will be displayed:

    Total Tags - This is the number of tags in use within the application
    Tag License - This is the number of tags the InTouch license on the local PC allows.