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TN OI-105 How to download DA and OI ( Operation Integration) servers via the Wonderware website.




This article from InSource shows how to locate and download DA and OI (Operation Integration) servers on the Wonderware website.

  • Author: Ernest Lee
  • Published: 6/14/2018
  • Applies to: ALL


The process to download DA and OI servers on the Wonderware website has changed recently.

The first step is to login to or

You will need to register on the website to gain access.

See instructions below regarding the download process:

1. For DA servers use the Search field at the top and type daserver


2. On the left click Downloads under Filter By.


3. For this example we are choosing SIDIRECT.


4. Click Read Me first to view pertinent information regarding the software and to activate the Download button.


The process is very similar with OI servers. Main difference is typing oi- in the Search box at the top.