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TN - 1134 How to manage and add users to your Flexnet license configuration



This article from InSource shows how to manage users when installing certain licenses.

  • Author: Chris Cleope
  • Published: 3/19/2021
  • Applies to: Citect 2016 and above


  1. Inside of your Schneider floating license manager, open the flexnet administrators tab.
  2. You will be prompted with a administrators tab as well as a dashboard. Click on the administrators tab and login. (Default credentials are 'admin' for username and password.)
  3. Click on the user configuration tab and you'll see all of your users.
  4. Here you can create as many users as would like and there roles.

There are 3 types of roles you can choose from --> Locally Managed Admin, Domain Administrator and Domain Administrator group. 


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