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TN - 1375 What Version Of PCS is Installed with Version 'X' of Application Server



This article from InSource offers some insights for scenarios where you may need to uninstall / reinstall or upgrade the PCS . 

  • Author: Mario Meza
  • Published: 06/16/2023
  • Applies to: WSP versions 2017 and above


  The Platform Common Services (PCS) framework is also known as the Archestra Service Bus (ASB). It can detect and report on services for any application that runs on the ASB Framework. The PCS Framework includes a System Management Server, which is used for establishing a trust relationship between machines. The PCS versions are backwards compatible and while there is a stand alone install for upgrading PCS independent of the main WSP versions you typically don't want to do this unless directed to by tech support.A copy of the standalone installer can be found in the installation media at the following path D:\InstallFiles\CD-ASBFramework (your drive letter may be different). If you are instructed to upgrade or reinstall you'll want to keep a couple things in mind.

  • When upgrading the PCS, the GR node gets updated FIRST
  • You MUST run the same version of PCS across all the galaxy nodes  

Very strange things happen in the PCS/ASB services if you do not follow these recommendations. 

 The following PCS table is offered as a quick reference for determining the version of PCS associated with each version System Platform and includes links to the installers for your convenience.

Note in cases of a patch the PCS is included as part of the patch executable so no standalone installer exists. 

Before accessing any link in this tech note please see note on unblocking (below):

WSP Version           PCS Version Box Link
2017 4.1
2017 Update 1         4.2
2017 Update 2         4.2.2
2017 Update 3         4.3
2017 Update 3 SP1     4.3.3
2017 Update 3 SP1 P01 4.3.4  
2020 4.4.6
2020 R2               4.5.1
2020 R2 P01           4.5.1  
2020 R2 SP1           4.6.2
2020 R2 SP1 P01       4.6.3  
2023 7.0.0


NOTE ON UNBLOCKING : A new feature of Windows 10 and newer operating systems is that downloaded files are flagged as potentially unsafe. This means that the OS will block the file from executing after it has been downloaded.

Before interacting with a downloaded file in ANY way (copying, mounting, extracting etc) unblock the file by right-clicking to access Properties, select Unblock and apply (see below).

Failure to ensure this is the first action performed on a downloaded file can compromise an installation, introduce new issues and may render any hotfix or script library useless.



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