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TN - 1142 Installing an IT Provided Certificate


This article from InSource shows how to install a TLS 1.2 protocol certificate.  An IT provided certificate may be installed for use with AVEVA System Platform.  System Management Server (SMS) uses the certificates to establish a trust relationship.  The communications between machines are then encrypted to provide security.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  4/20/2021
  • Applies to:  Application Server 2020 R2 and higher


Start by searching on certificate to open Manage computer certificates.  It is important to install the certificate on the computer and not for a single user.


Next, expand the Personal folder.  Right-click on Certificates to select All Tasks | Import.


Local Machine should be selected.  Click on the Next button.


Next, browse to the File name (.PFX) to be imported by clicking on the Browse... button.


Change the file extension to Personal Information Exchange (.pfx) from the dropdown list.  Select the file and click on the Open button.


Click on the Next button.


Next, enter the Password for the private key, select the check box  to Mark this key as exportable, and click on the Next button.


Enter the Certificate store location.  Personal is selected automatically.  Click on the Next button.


Click on the Finish button to import the Certificate.


A popup message will be displayed when complete.  Click on the OK button


Lastly, assign the certificate a Friendly name by right clicking on the installed certificate.  Click on the OK button to save.


The friendly name is used from SMS to select the IT Provided Certificate from the dropdown list.

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