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TN BPM110 Writing to Galaxy Attributes from Skelta BPM



This article from InSource shows to write to Wonderware System Platform galaxy attributes from Skelta BPM workflow activities.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  12/7/2017
  • Applies to:  Wonderware Skelta BPM 2017 and higher


Start by opening the Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  Click on the Workflow - Toolbox tab from the left top pane.


Select the workflow gateway object from the dropdown list.  Click on Workflows from the list to open the Workflow Designer.


Select ArchestrA from the activities dropdown list.  Right click on the AttributeReadWrite activity to add the activity as required.


Select and then right click the activity to click on Activity Properties from the dropdown list.


Type in the Name and Description for the activity.  Click on the button under Attribute Operation.


Select the radio button for Write.  Enter a login and password for authentication.  Click on the OK button.

Click on the button under Select Attribute.  The Update Variable dialog will open.


Click on the Select link.


Click on the Galaxy Browser.


Browse to select the required object and attribute.  Click on OK.

Note:  The Galaxy browser is only available when the workflow is edited from the IDE.

Assign the Value on the right that will be written to the galaxy reference.  Click on OK.

Click on the Save button for the activity property changes.


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