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TN BPM108 Using Queue Management in Skelta BPM



This article from InSource shows how to set up Queue Management for Wonderware Skelta BPM.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  10/19/2017
  • Applies to:  WonderwareSkelta BPM 2017 and higher


Queue Management in Skelta BPM allows you to create and manage queues for allocating workflow activities.  A queue is a pool of resources with one or more roles and/or users assigned.

Start by opening the Queue Management configuration from Settings in the Enterprise Console.


Next click on the plus sign to the right side of the panel to add a new queue.


Enter a name and description for the queue and click on the Add button.


Next click on the Add Roles or Add Users button to add a user or role to the queue.


The user browser button opens the User Lookup dialog.


Select either All Providers, Galaxy Users, or Repository User Provider from the dropdown list.  A percent sign (%) may be used as a wildcard.  Highlight one or more required users from the Available Resources panel and click on the greater than sign (>) to move the users to the Selected Resources panel.  Click on the Update button.


Right-click on each user to Set Access Rights.


Check the check boxes as appropriate for the Runtime Access Rights.  Click on the Update button.

Select the Dispatch Patterns tab from the main Queue Management window.


Check the checkbox for Show 'Get Next Item' in Work Item.  Select an appropriate parameter from the dropdown list.  Click the Set button.  Select the FIFO radio button.  Click on the Update button.

The users assigned to the queue will have access to the queue from their Inbox.  


Select the queue from the dropdown list and then click the Next Item button.  The following popup will display when the queue is empty.


Otherwise, the first item from the queue will be assigned to them and moved to their inbox.