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TN BPM105 Setting Up SMTP and POP3 for Skelta BPM



This article from InSource shows how to set up SMTP and POP3 for email communications with Wonderware Skelta BPM.  Email is frequently used to send out notifications and exceptions as part of a workflow.  Skelta BPM has the capability to wait for responses to emails including receiving contents and attachments.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  8/17/2017
  • Applies to:  Skelta BPM 2017 and higher


SMTP and POP3 are configured from the Farm Configuration Wizard.  Launch the wizard from the start button.


Click on the Next button.  You may be prompted with a warning message.


Click on the Yes button to continue with the current MSDTC settings.


Check the checkbox for Service Settings and click on the Next button to continue.


Click on the pencil icon next to Wonderware Skelta BPM - Communication Service.


Select the Mail Server tab and click on the POP3 radio button.  Enter the POP3 settings as provided by your administrator or service provider.

NOTE:  A dedicated email account login is required for Skelta BPM.  The User Name should be used for sending and receiving from Skelta BPM only.

Click on the OK button when complete to return to the previous dialog.  Next click on the pencil next to Global Settings.


Enter the Email and Email Exception Email Settings.  The exception emails will typically be sent to a different email account.

Click on the Test SMTP link to test the configuration setting.  


Click on the OK button twice and then the Finish button to save the updates.  The Skelta BPM services will need to be restarted to accept the changes.